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$100 tickets

>    The Eagles tour is a shameless display of greed and playing on people's 
>   nostalgia. I wonder how those guys can sleep at night knowing how much      >   they're charging fans for tickets. 

>This isn't exactly on the list topic, and I'd be glad to continue it
>offline, but I have to point out that around here, Eagles charged about
>$120 for tickets, which is only slightly, if any, more than I paid to
>scalpers throughout The Who's '89 tour for good seats.  The market value
>of most top concert seats is obviously around $125(*) and will be paid
>to SOMEbody; I have no problem with it going to the artist, rather than
>ticket agencies.

Personally, I think that this is a good example of greed....
The Eagles are getting $100 per ticket here. At the very same venue, I've
seen lots of bands, like Jethro Tull, Traffic, Santana, Yes, and the Allman
Bros. - which are of equal, if not greater stature, for no more than $30 -
most shows are less than that. In fact, just last year, Joe Walsh and
Glen Frye played together for $5 a ticket. I think it's a rip-off and
I am boycotting the show. I think if everyone would boycott the show, we
might send a message to the music industry. It's a scary thought - if the 
Eagles can get away with it this year, then that just breaks the ground
for everyone else. Pretty soon, all shows will be overpriced, anyway, so
let's not rush it... Let's not give Mick any ideas.....

the mayor