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Woodstock '69 Set List

I saw that show (Turning Point) as well.  There were a couple
of different clips of The Who.  "Listening To You" was also 
shown briefly with a pan of the audience and at least one
very enthusiastic fan dancing animatedly.

There were also some interviews with Roger that I thought
interesting.  He talked at some length about how easy it
is to dismiss the "peace and love" of the time as sappy
idealism but that you need to view it context of the Vietnam
war that was such a huge rift in the social structure of
the time.  He said that even in England there was a large
peace movement.  He also talked about the crowning achievements
of Woodstock not being the music but the ability of such
a huge crowd to tolerate and then overcome the terrible
conditions (weather, food, transportation) at the site.
To paraphrase, "That is some sort of triumph of humanity,
isn't it"?

He also commmented on how the '94 version is being handled
and said that if he was doing it we would have tried to get
sufficient corporate sponsorship to make it a free concert 
and that he felt most bands would have eagerly particpated in
such an event.  Quote, "I know I would have".  They also had
a clip of Roger's current tour.

And while I'm rambling to the 150 on this list (I didn't know
we were so big) I hope Roger gets some better reception on his
tour.  I sure don't view it as some type of "cash-in".  Sure he
is doing it to earn money.  But especially after hearing him talk
I really believe he is not doing it with some type of 
milk-those-saps-for-all-their-worth cynicism.  I feel it is
something he wants to do; play this music that is so much a
part of him and a part of the fans and keep a little of that 
spirit alive.

Besides, *I'm* at the tail end of this tour and don't want
it to fizzle before getting to the west coast!

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