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Re: Whos Missing? Roger!

In message <01HFSDK54NBM000NA5@ACAD.DRAKE.EDU>  writes:

> Who's on line in Minnesota, as DST was slated for an appearance at the
> State Fair on 9/3?  Is that show still a go?  And what about Kansas City
> on 9/4?  Please check and post results.  Thanks.

I'm in Minneapolis, and there are print ads in both the "alternative" press 
weekly newspapers promoting the show and the availability of tickets. This came 
out just this Wednesday.

The most amusing thing is that this is at the Minn. State Fair, and the ad said 
that the "State Fair Orchestra" would be appearing with Daltrey. Hey, this is a 
big music town, but I didn't know our state fair had its own orchestra! :) I'm 
wondering what type of ensemble they've thrown together for the show. As far as 
I know, it's still on....

(Kinda depressing...the Beach Boys [they've become a cartoon!], American, and 
the Nickelodeon "Double Dare LIve" tour play the state fair, too!)