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Usenet "newbies"

 Whoa !  Careful there with the elitist chatter.

As a member of this list, I spend most of my time in lurkdom, enjoying
immensely reading, and learning from, the posts of the contributors.  I've
been a fan of The Who since the late 1960s, and I thought I knew a lot
about the group and their music, until I joined this list and started
reading all of the information and opinions you al lhave to share.  (Hell,
I was the guy who BIFed on how Simon was related to Pete.)

The point is, I like being here, I like playing along with the trivia, and
I like learning from all of you.  And, occasionally I might have an opinion
to share with you that might warrant a smile or a grimace, but that's what
the list is all about.

Like another poster said ... Let the Usenet "bandwagonners" come on in.
The ones that jump on for a joyride will jump off soon enough, and the true
Who fans, with whatever level of Who knowledge they posess, will hang on
for the long haul. Diversity is good, if only because it gives us
more/different things to discuss from more/different perspectives.

"let us offer to one another a sign of peace."

''''''   ''''''      Tom Grier  (tgrier@VAX2.Winona.MSUS.EDU)
  ''     ''  <'      Winona State University, Winona MN 55987
  ''     ''''''    "Writers should be agents of change" -Vonnegut