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Re: Quick notes...

Hi bunch,

I never meant a serious suggestion that this list go away.  No, no, no.

I've been reading the newsgroup and there's an occasional nugget
(notably, a copy of the Saratoga DST review -- which I mentioned to the
article author that thewho@cisco.com would probably like to see).

I appreciate Chuck Tomlinson's suggestion that we might serve as good
educators for young/new fans, and I think he's right.

It's just that I don't think _I_ will have much time to point out that
"Who's Next" was released in '71 rather than '73, and that "Lifehouse"
isn't "Lighthouse," and summarize its plot, etc., etc.  I'm afraid
there's going to be an influx of misinformation along with the new
subscribers, and I hope that between the bunch of us we have the
knowledge, patience and time to correct it, hopefully flamelessly.

Having said that, I'm very tempted to post subscription info to the
group, myself, unless someone vetoes the idea.  They're already asking
about a FAQ ...