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pete on pbsSun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

>Not too long ago, someone posted a note that said there is supposed to
>be a PBS program feassturing Pete Townshend. There was no date mentioned
>at that time other than August. Does anybody know when in August? Thanks
>in advance.

When skimming the Sunday paper's tv section, I believe I saw that a show 
called "The Who: 30 Years of Maximum R&B" is to be aired on Saturday night, 
August 13 on WQED in Pittsburgh (a PBS station).  You should probably check 
your local listings, since PBS stations usually set their own schedules. :-)

As mentioned, A&E's "In Concert" is showing clips of Pete doing a live set 
somewhere.  (Only a portion of the show is devoted to Pete; others include 
James Taylor and Lindsey Buckingham.)  The spots I saw included him doing "A 
Little is Enough" and I think it was "You Better You Bet."  His voice seemed 
pretty weak.  "In Concert" airs Thursday nights (definately) and 
repeats Sunday mornings (I think).