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>When will Roger and his band play at the Wolftrap in Northern VA???
>After seeing the review from Detroit it really sparked my interest.
>Does Entwistle play the entire tour??
>If someone can get me ticket prices and a phone number to call (I bet
>it's the local Ticketmaster) I'd appreciate it.

I just ordered 2 tickets for this show. According to the salesperson,
they have been on sale for a couple of months now. Anyway, my 2 tickets
are on the 34th row, so you probably ought to get busy, if you still
plan to go. (703) 218 6500 is the number for PRO-TIX. Two in-house
tickets cost $72 after all the service charges have been added. I'm
sure that grass seats are a little more affordable. And, finally, as far
as I know, Entwistle is planning on doing the entire tour - at least
I hope so...

-the mayor