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Daltry DOESN'T Sing Townshend

    I visited my local Ticketmaster yesterday to get tickets for the 8/20
    show in Omaha.  The computer came up blank.

Yow.  Does this mean Omaha has been cancelled?  Can I get a witness?
(OK, I'll settle for a confirmation or denial).

  We searched under DALTRY and 
    found only one entry: "Milwaukee - CANCELLED."

This is a date from the Itinerary Mark I, which had dates back as early
as May 19.  It was pretty much scrapped and replaced by Itinerary Mark
II, which started July 30 at Red Rocks, etc.  (The Milwaukee concert is
the one where a list subscriber drove 250 miles and showed up, tickets
in hand, only to find out at that point that the show had been