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Trivia is good, less recap please

Joel, the trivia bit was good.  Even though I don't have the box, I enjoyed
playing along.  I hope more Who trivia is to come from you or others.

_BUT_, we can do with less (quite a bit less) re-capping.  Try using some
creative cut and paste technique to occasionally re-post your question and
the unsuccessful answer so far.

I get the digest version of the list and enjoy reading it every morning,
before I start my regular work load.  It's hard to explain to my boss why I
was late to an 8 a.m. meeting because I was scrolling through 30k of Who
trivia re-posts to an e-mail digest (huh?). (Isn't this expensive for our
AOL friends?)

Thanks, seriously, for the fun, though ... I appreciate your efforts.

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