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TRIVIA /WE HAVE A ***WINNER***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>Can any one name the guitarist that plays on 1 track of the box set
>>_instead_ of Pete???
>>Hint, he is not all there! (hint # 1)
>>Hint, (Is it Jerry Garcia?) No but you are on the right track. Now think
>>about why you are on the right track.  Why is Jerry Garcia "not all
>>there?"(hint #2)
>>Not only is this mystery guitarist "not all there", his band is 
>>missing as well! (hint #3)
>>Now here is the new hint of the day............................... 
>>(hint #4)- The guitarist in question first recorded his part of the track
>From:  bills@sco.com
>Subj:  Re: TRIVIA/COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
>To:      J M Rosen
>Tony Iommi? Of Black Sabbath? He is missing part of a finger, and there is
>a Sabbath album called "Volume 4". Today's hint isn't called "Volume 4"
>but that's the closest thing I can think of.
    ************CONGRATULATIONS BILL SHAW!!!!!!!****************

Although you didn't name the disc & track in question, you did correctly
name our mystery guitarist. Tony Iommi who, without the rest of BLACK
SABBATH, is the guitarist on disc four, track 6 "_Poetry Cornered_"
The song in question (even though it is a BLACK SABBATH song only Tony
Iommi plays on it) is "_LAGUNA SUNRISE_" taken from the album BLACK SABBATH
"_Volume 4_" (It is used as background music on the Poetry Cornered track)

Tony is missing the tips on 2 of his fingers on his right hand.
He wears special thimble type of caps.

I hope all of you on the Who list didn't get thrown through to much of a loop
trying to figure this one out.

I think the least that MCA records should have done was give Iommi/Sabbath a
credit. I did not see one.

Thanks to all who guessed!