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Tony Iommi? Of Black Sabbath? He is missing part of a finger, and there is
a Sabbath album called "Volume 4". Today's hint isn't called "Volume 4"
but that's the closest thing I can think of.

 - Bill (I don't even have the box set!)


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We asked you all last week ............

Can any one name the guitarist that plays on 1 track of the box set
_instead_ of Pete???

Hint, he is not all there! (hint # 1)

Here are some more answers from over the weekend

>>>>>From: Alan McKendree <AI.amck@mcc.com>
>>>>>Jerry Garcia?
#>>>>You are on the right track, but it is _not_ Jerry (or any member of the
#>>>>Dead) for that matter.   
#>>>>This brings us to todays clue..........
#>>>>(Hint # 2)  Think about why you are on the right track. 
#> >>>Why is Jerry Garcia "not all there?"
>>>Hmmm,...because he has only 9 fingers?????  We're looking for
>>>a handicapped guitarist????
#>Well now, Paul, you are getting _very_ warm (in fact I can start to smell
#>smoke!)  This brings us to the clue of the day.......
#>(hint # 3) Not only is this mystery guitarist "not all there", his band is
#>missing as well!

>I guess I must be ready to jump into the flames without even knowing
>that they were there.  Let's recap...We're looking for a guitarist who 
>has part of his/her body missing and who's band mates are dead (not
>_I KNOW_ ...It's Ichabod Crane formerly of The Horsemen!!!
>Seriously, someone else figure this out, I'm going nuts!

No, It's not ol' Ichabod Crane formerly of The Horsemen. :->

>From: "M. Link" <u9114540@muss.cis.mcmaster.ca>
>Could the mystery guitarist be Joe Walsh?
>   Matt

 No Matt, the answer is _not_ Joe Walsh!

>Date: Sat, 6 Aug 1994 11:04-0500
>From: Alan McKendree <AI.amck@mcc.com>
>Subject: Who box set trivia
>OK, my answer on the trivia question is:  Pete Townshend.
>As I recall (I've deleted the original query) the question was who
>played guitar on the first track on the box set.  The first track is
>Pete dialogue with an audience in Long Beach.  I assume he was wearing a
>guitar, although guitar is not being played at the time.

Alan you are 100% *wrong*! You wrote the following........................ 

>"As I recall (I've deleted the original query) the question was who
>played guitar on the first track on the box set." 

I have posted and re-posted the burning question *over & over*:


This means ONE track of the box set. I did not say _which_ disc or _what_

> But that's my answer and I'm sticking to it until you (JMRosen) come up
>with a reference that can beat up my reference.

I just did. You answered the wrong question. Try again! :-)

Then, just when you though he understood, along comes more confused
thoughts from our old pal:From: Alan McKendree <AI.amck@mcc.com>

>Sorry to clutter yer mailboxes, but after re-reading my answer, I have
>to cover the case of strict interpretation of the question, and thus
>amend my answer.
>If the question who plays guitar on the first track (which is dialogue)
>is strictly interpreted, the answer is:  No one, the empty set, nada.
>This fits because a non-existent person certainly has physical parts
>missing (like, all of them) and their non-existent band would certainly
>be missing, too.
>If the question is interpreted in the common-sense way, given the
>context of this list, to mean the first track where guitar actually
>appears, then my answer is as before, PT, for the previous reasons.
>And if my answer in _this_ message is actually the answer, I think
>someone's head needs to roll.

Wrong, wrong & wrong again. There is another guitarist who
plays on one of the tracks on the box set. It is _NOT_ Pete!
As far as I can tell, I think it is the only track _with_ a guitar on it that
is not played by Pete Townshend. 

>From: cmwilson@acs.bu.edu (Cheryl)
>Date: Sat, 6 Aug 1994 15:58:01 -0400
>Subject: trivia mania
>No offense, Alan, but *my* intrepretation of the question was that "one" (as
>in "I'm not telling you *which* track, but one amongst the group") track has
>this mystery guitarist.

Cheryl, you are EXACTLY correct in your intrepretation!

>If that is indeed the case, I *still* am stumped.  Is it a trick question?
>it Milli Vanilli?  :^)
>OK -- a more serious guess:  could it be, Greg Allman?  (I don't know
>about him missing any digits, though).  John Fogerty?  

It's not Greg Allman or John Fogerty.

Here is a recap so far....

Can any one name the guitarist that plays on 1 track of the box set
_instead_ of Pete???

Hint, he is not all there! (hint # 1)

Hint, (Is it Jerry Garcia?) No but you are on the right track. Now think
about why you are on the right track.  Why is Jerry Garcia "not all
there?"(hint #2)

Not only is this mystery guitarist "not all there", his band is 
missing as well! (hint #3)

Now here is the new hint of the day............................... 

(hint #4)- The guitarist in question first recorded his part of the track in
question on his band's LP that has the same title as todays hint number.


Please post you answers to the list. <thewho@cisco.com> 

Good luck!!!


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