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TRIVIA & Roger

The Tony Iommi answer is a good one - and it's probably the one you've been 
looking for,*however*, I believe that Roger plays one of the guitars on 
"I'm a Man".  Also, from the same tour/disc, Steve Bolton plays lead guitar on  whatever other songs that are included from that Tour.
(Since this is from memory, I hope I'm not imagining "I'm a Man" to be on the 
disc. Also, I've got a funny feeling that I've somehow screwed up the
spelling of Steve B____'s name.) Could these be alternate answers? If so,
how does the 'he's not all there' clip fit into the scene?

On a more sour note.....

Roger has cancelled both his North Carolina dates...
I already had fifth row seats for the first show which was scheduled for
this Friday...  And rumor has it that the Raleigh show has also been canceled
for Sept 9.  I heard that they only sold 1000 out of 10000 tickets for the
Aug 12 date - which led them to cancel all together.

Needless to say, I'm think I'm gonna get sick...

I'm not sure who to be pissed at --- Roger, for not holding out long enough 
to see how many tickets would eventually be sold........ Or these punks
in the area who won't support him. When The Who came  through in 1989, they
sold out Carter-Finley stadium - which is somewhere in the area of 57,000
seats.  It seems to me that there would be 10,000 *TRUE* fans.....
Somehow, though, the EAGLES are getting $100 per ticket for their Raleigh
show at the same place that Roger was to play. 

********WHERE'S THE JUSTICE??????***********

-the mayor