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Simon T.

> In digest #124, RichL27314@aol.com, wrote:

> Subject: Roger on Leno
> For those who didn't see Roger last night, he sang You Better You
> Bet; backed by John, Simon Townshend (brother of Pete), Zak
> Starkey (son of Ringo), Rabbit, Jody L-S, and some strings.

Umm, Simon Townshend is Pete Townshend's son!  (Last I heard ... unless
there's also a brother named Simon, but I doubt it.  BTW, Simon has had a
couple of solo albums.  I don't recall the titles right now, it's been a
few years.  The first one was release in 1983, when Simon was still a
teen-ager, and it was produced by his famous papa, our hero.  It's pretty

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