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re: Eyesight to The Blind

>Speaking of Eyesight to the Blind......
>It seems like I heard Pete on the box set intro to Young man
>blues talking  about Mose Alison being a blues sage...etc....
>that "we've covered several of his songs.... Eyesight to the
>Blind from TOMMY was one of those songs..."
>I always thought that Sonny Boy Williamson wrote 'Eyesight to

>Does somebody know for sure?

Mose Allison did not write Eyesight to The Blind, but did record
it on one of his records.  For those of you on the list who must
have all Who related material I can reccommend the Mose Allison
anthology, a double CD recently released by Rhino.  I think it is
titled "Allison Wonderland".  Worth it just to hear the original
version of Young Man Blues.  Also some notes on Mose's influence
on Townshend included in the booklet which comes with the CD.

- John