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Lockout, Bird& Russ and Sprewell

Forgive my innoence, but what are we looking at if the lockout continues? No
1998 season? No contracts? When would it start affecting the season?

The last few years it seems there's one lockout after another. What's this?
America getting more unfair, or players (or rather, their agents) getting
more greedy?

On Russell and Bird, I am not old enough to see big Bill played, but if you
look at the stats., I have to take the grand duke. He has what, like maybe
10 championships? Larry has about four. Both got great court leadership. Of
course, when it comes to coaching, well...... not much comparsion there!

On the Sprewell thing, it's downright ridiculous. Nowadays lawyers seem to
think whenever they drag out this race thing, all the judges and juries
would have to fall to their knees and beg for mercy. Come on, grow up! there
are real cases of such that needs to be addressed, but using it to gain
profit and money is downright cheap and immoral.

And Rick, if you are listening, don't ever drag this a-s called Sprewell to

John Liang