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Re: Amnesty appeal

>Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 10:38:33 +0200
>From: Joe Hironaka <j.hironaka@unesco.org>
>To: celtics <celtics@igtc.COM>
>Subject: Amnesty appeal
>Amnesty already has 3 million signatures (real and virtual) world wide, 
and wants 8 million (which would by 1% of the world's population). 

I know things have gotten pretty boring on the list and we have 
digressed into the quasi-political at times, but I really don't think 
the list is an appropriate forum for something like this.  Before you 
know it, you can end up with appeals for everything from saving the 
whales to collections for a heart for Dan Forant and a brain for Noah. 
Otherwise, good luck with you efforts.

Curious math, though.  8 million = 1% of 800 million.  Last I heard, 
that's some 4 Billion short.


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