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Local column

A local writer for the Columbia, SC, State wrote a column on "Who Can
Coach the Bulls".  I thought he had some good moments in it when he
undertook the following comparision:

"Is there a more contrived, predictable sport than NBA basketball?
Sorry.  Professional wrestling doesn't count.  There are some
similarities between the two, however.

In professional wrestling, the script calls for the most popular guy to
win most of the time.  Same with the NBA.  In professional wrestling,
guys fall down without being touched.  In the NBA, Jordan and other top
stars go to the freethrow line without being touched.

Let's be honest, Kathy Lee Gifford could have coached the Bulls last
season.  Keep the game close, and in the fourth quarter give the ball to
Jordan and let him dribble near an opposing player.  Sit back, watch the
fee throws, and hoist a trophy.  About the toughest part is figuring out
your ring size."

I thought this was interesting that a writer here in Columbia who covers
the Hornets would see things this way.