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With respects to Dan Forant,  I admit I only watched a Cousy telecast
three times last year but each of those times he sounded as level-headed
yet sardonic as ever.  I say "We love ya, Cous!".



Dan Forant wrote:

> Nice article. If you feel Philly is 2nd rate compared to Boston, so be
> it.
> Boston fans expect nothing but the best, especially from its
> basketball
> team, which we are beginning to get again, and as much from the Boston
> press, in which we are not getting. Yeah, I'll trade you the press and
> Cous. Maybe your guys in Philly just don't have anything to write
> about
> lately.
> >From: lenthall@sas.upenn.edu (Bruce K. Lenthall)
> >
> >Let me say right off the bat that I haven't lived in the Boston area
> in
> >several years, so I haven't read the Globe or listened to Cousy
> regularly
> >in several years. You can all decide that invalidates what follows if
> you
> >want. That said, having lived in the Twin Cities and Philadelphia,
> >listened and read the local sports coverage, I caution all you Globe
> and
> >Cousy haters about wishing for their retirement. You could do much,
> much
> >worse. Most of the sports columnists in the Philly paper aren't worth
> >reading -- and not just because they're writing about the Sixers.
> Every
> >morning when I read the sports pages here, I long for the Globe. It
> may
> >have dropped from the days of Montville, Madden, Gammons, et al, but
> it's
> >still better than just about any sports page I've seen. If you ever
> hound
> >Bob Ryan out of Boston, I'd trade stable of Philly columnists for
> him.
> >
> >------------------------------
> >
> "In the NBA the Owners Rule"

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