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Re: The Boston Celtics Mailing List Digest V5 #258

Let me say right off the bat that I haven't lived in the Boston area in 
several years, so I haven't read the Globe or listened to Cousy regularly 
in several years. You can all decide that invalidates what follows if you 
want. That said, having lived in the Twin Cities and Philadelphia, 
listened and read the local sports coverage, I caution all you Globe and 
Cousy haters about wishing for their retirement. You could do much, much 
worse. Most of the sports columnists in the Philly paper aren't worth 
reading -- and not just because they're writing about the Sixers. Every 
morning when I read the sports pages here, I long for the Globe. It may 
have dropped from the days of Montville, Madden, Gammons, et al, but it's 
still better than just about any sports page I've seen. If you ever hound 
Bob Ryan out of Boston, I'd trade stable of Philly columnists for him.