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Apologies to the Re: King

As it would appear that I have really hurt Noah's feelings, I guess I can
come full circle and apologize to him for being so "abusive".  I still
think my abuse to him is maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10, but as is clear he
his more sensitive to the matter than the average list member, I must give
in to the sentiment  Kim is right in that attacks do happen quickly some
times, but frankly, with the near anonymity we have, this can be half the
fun.  My battle with Ryan was a bruiser at the times, but we are buds now,
though I can't say the same for Jimmy McMaster, wherever he maybe lurking. 
Jim can best define the idea of incessant.  Just ask him.

The support for my arguments for Noah to quit harping on every post to the
nth degree, without the single thought, interest or capability of being
original has been overwhelming, and as I asked the last time I would
appreciate anyone who might have supported Noah (outside of his basic
freedom of speech issues) to post me direct and explain how I may have
wronged the gentleman.  I hope to feel your pain as well.

For myself and the obviously dumber members of this list could someone
please tell me what the acronyms LOL and IIRC mean.  By the end of the day
my brain can't take the abuse.

And lastly,  the idea of a bomb or death threat does have it's more basic
appeal, if I could only figure out what campus he has set his cot up on.

Sorry for the discussion, I shan't concern Noah with the matter again, I
only beg and plead that he consider my request of trying to have an
original post or idea, because isn't that what most of us want from this
list anyway, outside of the obvious yada, yada, yada  (Michael I will yak
at you later),

Pump it up til you can feel it, pump it when you don't even need it,

> From: Noah P. Evans <ishbak@conknet.com>
> To: Joe Hironaka <j.hironaka@unesco.org>; celtics list <celtics@igtc.COM>
> Subject: RE: (no subject)
> Date: Thursday, July 16, 1998 3:06 PM
> > P.S.  Hey Noah, I respect you, but please don't you dare tell Greg
> > Oldegaard's ISP to ban him from injecting humor and ideas to the Boston
> > Celtics list.
> It was hardly my idea. Only after others approached me with questions
> how to sanction Greg for his abusiveness did I broach the subject(via
> private email I might add--Greg was the one that made it public). It's
> hardly like Greg's actions are any different from his established
> norm(recall his "debate" with Ryan Lee).
> 	As for his ISP banning him, I sincerely doubt they will even if they do
> decide to sanction him for abuse of their TOS. He will probably get off
> a mild "don't do it again" from his ISP, if anything at all. Only
> abuse after a warning would get him booted. He would have to make either
> threat(i.e. e/mailbomb, death threat etc...) or an a statement of intent
> commit illegal acts to get a summary expulsion from his ISP.
> 	Also humor is different from incessant ad hominem attacks.
> Noah