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Re: Anderson

At 12:43 AM 7/16/98 EDT, Douglas342@aol.com wrote:
>     Wednesday's LA Times reports that the local pro summer league is hurting
>this year due to the absence of many pros, but further reports that pickup
>games at UCLA have become very crowded, attracting such as Kenny Anderson, Bo
>Outlaw, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.  

That's good news, since the last report was that KA's rehab wasn't going as
well as hoped.

>  Some time ago, someone out there posted a URL for salary cap FAQs.  I lost
>it when my hard drive crashed two weeks back.  Could you repost, please?
>   Many thanks.

Probably me. Given the re-opened CBA, it's obsolete, but here goes:

Tony Minkoff's Salary Cap FAQ, which can be found on the web at:


Kim Malo