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Re: [CBA] NBA Business practices and Antoine (was ANTOINE IS A SCUMBAG!!!)

>There is one more scenario in which aquiring Antoine could be a business
>Assume that a team is not drawing, but aquires Antoine, they could still
>have a nice
>little pitch saying that they are aquiring an all star and are serious about
>their rebuilding.

You mean...serious about their rebuilding, unlike the Celtics. Damn...I'm
sorry. I know they'll do the right thing. I know all this Walker trade talk
is just negotiating strategy by Gaston. And if they "must" trade him, if
the selfish little creep wont come down to say....$10 mil./year, I just
know Gaston will get either equal talent and / or salary cap room. And I
just know they'll do the right thing with all that money. It'll all work
out. I know Gaston is serious about winning.

>I agree with you, NBA is a stars league..two good players won't cut it.
>                                                    - Mishra

Mishra...come on. Two "good" players in Pitino's system equals one young
multi-talented all-star every time. You know that.

Paul M