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Re: Investors Suing Celtics

You know as a small time stockholder who has followed this stock split
issue for the most part, and knows someone with more than enough shairs to
go with the new deal, I am actually glad to see someone sue the

I am not a fan of the mess our judicial system has been become, with
lawyers and all, but this may be a case of where the little guy should
blast the establishment for running roughshot over them.  I personally
don't give a damn what value my ten shares have, as they just look cool on
the wall, and I have been giving the $10 check each year to my young son to
put in his small but growing Celtic memorobilia collection.

Makes you wonder when they want to win for the fans, but it is a corporate
structure unlike few others in sports and a sound business plan doesn't
give away the farm to one 21 year kid like AW.  I feel certain that AW will
never get a $100MM deal from this Celtic ownership.  He will either "have"
to take less or move on.

On that happy note have a great weekend,

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> Subject: Investors Suing Celtics
> Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 12:00 PM
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