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Another idea of how to change the draft

We all know that the owners are opposed to letting players walk as free
agents after three years, particularly because of the fact that players
who come out early are not always ready for NBA competition right away.
We also know that it would be illegal for the NBA to refuse to draft
players who haven't finished college.  So, here is my suggestion:

	1) Any player who enters the NBA (whether through the draft, or as
	   an undrafted free agent) is the property of his initial team
	   for *seven* years.  That player's team then has the right of
	   first refusal on the next contract he signs.

	2) The first four of the seven years are considered
	   "developmental" years.  Players in "developmental" years
	   will be paid on a lower wage scale.  Players in their first
	   two "developmental" years could be placed on a practice 
	   squad.  While on the "practice squad", a player would be paid,
	   and would be allowed to practice, but would not be on the
	   active roster and would not be able to play in games.  A team
	   may only carry one or two "practice squad" players at a time.

	3) For every year of organized basketball above the high school
	   level (college, European League, CBA, etc.), each player would
	   have one developmental year waived.  Thus, a player opting for
	   the NBA out of high school would be property of his initial
	   team for seven years, A player opting out after freshman year
	   of college would be property of his initial team for six, etc.,
	   with a college senior getting the same three year deal he would
	   get today (except that his team would have first refusal on his
	   next contract.)  Furthermore, players who have completed their
	   sophomore year in college could not be placed on "practice

	4) The draft should be only one round, but each team that loses a
	   restricted free agent would get a supplemental draft choice
	   after the first round is over.

Michael Byrnes