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Pierce and World games

I think that Pierce and other draftees are considered NBA players and
therefore wouldn't play in the World games.  As for DRexler, I'm not sure if
he would play either.  They asked Dominique Wilkins to play and he
respectfully declined, saying that he supported the NBA players and "what they
are trying to do".  I'm guessing that Drexler might have the same attitude.
This whole thing is getting really rediculous, players are treating
participation in this tournament the same way the baseball players were
treating the replacement players.  At this point i'm guessing that this team
will be college players only (or maybe HS players also?), and if there are
any pros playing then they will be mid to low level players from the CBA
and Europe who probably won't ever have a chance to be in the NBA.  I guess
that this year the rest of the world will have a shot at winning...