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RE: Kenny's knees

I have got to disagree. this is the main reason Portland moved him for 
Stoudamire.  They did not think he was durable enough to play every night.

On Friday, July 03, 1998 9:05 AM, JIm [SMTP:gandahlf@capecod.net] wrote:
> I am not sure why everyone thinks Kennys' knees are a problem.
> He has averaged 68.9 games played per season. I believe the Rickatator
> kept him out this year an extra 8-10 games, knowing he was lottery
> bound.(So why not just keep him out with no shot at the playoffs.)
> This would have put the average close to 70. So please stop with the 
> bad knees, it is just not true!! Tendinitis or bone bruises are not
> considered career threatening.
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> but the future is now.
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