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Re: AW and All Star games

>There was this part where he got the rebound on the defensive end and
>started the fast break. MJ and some  other players were on the wings but he
>decided to take it all the way himself. Great dunk! and then comes the
>wiggle! And AW was acting as if saying "hey, that was what I came here for,
>people has got to see I can dunk, carry the ball, do-it-all, let me show up
>MJ and the rest." MJ and the rest just did not seem so excited about his
>dunk (in fact they were expressionless)

I am a big hater of ALl Star games as it is because just about everyone
carries on like this.  i don't think AW should be blamed overly for
showboating in an all star game as it is after all just a mojor showboat of
a game.

The old NHL format for an All star game would be better, with the Champion
team of the NBA playing a best of of the rest of the leaugue as a preview to
the season.  This is the only all star format that I could ever have the
least bit of interest in.  Chief and me see eye to eye here...

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