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RE: Celtic's stock

> Is anyone getting any enjoyment out of this?

Only as an excercise in restraint and rhetoric. I do enjoy discussing the
CBA and it's attendant philosophy though.

> P.S. In an effort to return to basketballese, Derrick Coleman is up for
> grabs.  Might he be a short-term answer in the middle?

Yes, but I doubt Pitino would take him. If you look at Pitino's transactions
he's attempted to limit the team to only those who espouse the company
line(witness the end of Dee Brown after Dee disagreed with Pitino). The
minute Coleman uttered his trademark "whooptee d*** doo" after a loss or
anything else that Pitino considers cause for an anyeurism, Coleman would
find himself on the fastest plane to the Clippers. Pitino couldn't handle