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Re: Get Out of town 'Toine

>From: "Anthony Alaimo" <nimrod@lamere.net>
>To: <Celtics@igtc.COM>
>Subject: Get Out of town 'Toine
>Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 10:37:57 -0400
>----Original Message------
>> It really sounds to me that Antione is trying to distance himself 
from =
>>Celtics and he has been like that all along.  Whether its before a 
>>stretching by himself or ignoring an attempt to congradulate by a =
>> I always put this aside thinking it was just me but now I think very
>>different, the KID is maybe the most selfish player I have ever seen =
>>green, he might have talent but with that kind of attitude he should 
be =
>>loose, for whoever.
>I find this a remark of my feelings on Walker.  I think he is the =
>biggest jerk and i don't
>care if everone gets pissed at me for saying this!!!!!  I think not =
>stretching with a "team", and i quote team, is called I don't know, =
>maybe UNSPORTSMAN-LIKE!!!!!!!! A team is supposed to look organized and 
>team means together, not just 1 player by himself.
>And another thing,  he does his little wiggle after a great play,  it =
>was kinda funny the first time but now it makes me sick and i wish they 
>would unload him possibly in a trade w/ another player for olwakandi =
>(WISH), but it looks like we'll have him for a while cause of the damn 
I don't think we need to go down this road again.  We've discussed the 
wiggle to death over the last year.  As far as his stretching with the 
team or not, let's not take a comment like that in an anonymous post to 
be gospel truth.  Nothing I have heard before now suggests that Antoine 
distances himself from the team.  Quite the contrary, I've seen him 
celebrating with others and waving towels often, especially with his 
Kentuky pals.

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