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Re: More Lockout news

	I think that you missed the sheer machiavellian genius of this
move.  I'm sure that the league "purchased" this insurance from NBC
and TNT by offering them a discount on the television contract.  But
since the players are entitled to a fixed  (or at least a minimum)
percentage of that amount, the players actually paid 51-57% percent of
the discount\insurance premium, as insurance against their own
strike\lockout. There would be few 19nth century Robber Barons turning
green with envy over this one if they could.

Bill C.

On Wed, 01 Jul 1998 07:48:02 -0400, Dan Forant wrote:

>Most employers who are generally intelligent enough to get where they are
>have insurances for anything. Insurance can be bought for most any kinds of
>catastrophic events. Including lame-brained dealings w/NBA players.
>>Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 23:14:42 -0400
>>From: "Noah P. Evans" <ishbak@conknet.com>
>>Subject: RE: More Lockout news
>>> It seems that the 0wners protected themselves this year as it was
>>> reported today that the TV money from NBC and Turner is guaranteed
>>> whether they play or not. The owners make pure profit without any games
>>> and how does that sit with all you who side with the players. So gang
>>> get ready for a long strike or lockout.