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Edney was going to be a third-string point guard. It will be possible,
after all free agents are signed and all the cap room used up, to find
a third-string point guard for the minimum (probably an older player).

At CNNSI.com, Jackie MacMullan notes that the Celtics are leaning away
from Geiger and towards signing Popeye Jones instead. Jones at center?
If he can still pull down huge numbers of offensive rebounds and use
his big behind to effect at the 5, it could be successful.

She also reports (repeating an article from the Herald, I think) about 
a potential pre-draft trade that had Walker, Minor, Ellison, and Dontae 
going to Golden State for the #5 and Sprewell. The assumption is that 
Sprewell would have then been shipped to Miami for Mashburn, and maybe
P.J. Brown.