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Ty Edney

I just noticed that the Celtics have released Ty Edney. I guess that
means our much-maligned local boy Dana Barros likely won't be shipped to
Orlando (in a deal for Keon Clark) or anywhere else.  Personally, I've
liked Dana Barros ever since I saw him dominate (really) the Boston
Shootout years ago, on a team coached by Tiny Archibald I believe.


Also, (for whatever it's worth) here's an opinion from Bill Mayer, a
sports writer for the Lawrence Journal World.

 "Paul Pierce will be best-served as a pro if the offense can get him
the ball where
 he doesn't need to dribble in traffic. I watched Mookie Blaylock
undress people
 in a recent game. He and other thieves will rob Paul blind if Pierce
has to put
 the ball on the floor much. There are lots of Mookie mongooses in the
 unless Pierce is protected until he's niftier with the ball, he could