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Lauren:  When the tour first started last year they were offering downloads of the concerts.  I bought the Atlanta concert since I went to it.  I can't remember if DVDs or CDs were also available, but the download sounds good. Scott H. Keller
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If you knew Erica, aka: The Who Babe - here's the link to view and/or download the slide show I put together for the Oakland and LA Who shows last week, in collaboration with Tom and Giani from The Who's crew, using source photos from Ryan, Diane, Stefani, and Horace, all done with Roger's support and blessing.


Hopefully this will work.  As you all know, I am not the most technologically savvy.  Hell, Drew, I’m thinking of calling you to hold my hand while I download some of the current shows.  

Side note: They aren’t offering CDs or DVDs of this tour, are they?


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