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Super Credit Card Deal Solicitation

Who Content: Taking advantage of this deal last fall is how I was able to pay for ALL of my North American Who tour plane tickets.

What You Get:
$800-900 worth of pretty much unrestricted travel credit with Southwest airlines.

What You Have to Do:
Email me with the email address you want them to have.
Apply for the credit card after they email you.
Spend $2000 in qualifying purchases (almost everything qualifies, but balance transfers don't) over the first three months.

What it cost:
It's a $99 annual fee.  It is NOT waived the first year.  But I figured <$100 to get ~$850 was a damn good deal.
At least on my card, I get 6000 bonus points at time of renewal = approx $100 in travel credit.  Break even is ok with me for year 2+.  

Other Stuff:
You get one point for every dollar spent with occasional other promos.
Unlike other airlines where mileage seats are extremely limited, either all or virtually all SW tix are available for points.
Unlike other airlines where mileage tickets are a flat rate, SW points are tied to the fare.  Ex: $200 ticket costs twice as many points as $100 ticket.
(Not intrinsically better or worse.  Just different.)
On their Wanna Get Away fares (the only ones I ever book), based on the many math trials I've run, $100 of travel = approx 5600 points.
Southwest has NO CHANGE FEES when you rebook a flight.  That's how I was able to rebook to add the Simon show.  And then rebook to add the MusiCares show.  And then rebook to add the B&N appearance.  
Southwest does not charge for your first two pieces of checked luggage, nor do they charge for carry-on.  Your ticket price is the real price.

I had one horrifically bad experience (Eddie, ex-wife, and I missed Vegas concert - we do not speak of this), but otherwise, my experiences have been consistently fine.  I have traveled SW almost exclusively since other airlines started upcharging for everything.  And for Who tours, the "no change fee" is gold.  And to be fair, while the bad experience was BAD, I demanded after the fact that they issue us each SW travel credit in the amount that we a broker for our premium Who tickets, and in the end, they did.  (That paid for my 2008 Who tour air travel!)

What I Get:
I got a promotional thing from them offering me bonus points for signing people up.  And from what I can tell from talking to the phone rep, you'll be getting their best deal - the same one that I signed up for after my fairly extensive research.

If you're still reading, you should totally shoot me and email and follow up.  It's a little bit of work and aggravation, but IMO, 3-4 roundtrip plane tickets to see The Who is totally worth it!


P.S.  Back to Who content...
1st Leg
NY - CO (w/ three flight changes to add Simon, then MusiCares, then B&N)

2nd Leg
CO - SoCal
SoCal - NorCal
NorCal - Port
Sea - CO
*ALL paid for with Southwest points!!!*  

Southwest Airlines, unwitting sponsors of The Who Hit 50!

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