Pete & Rachel's B&N Event

nakedeye10--- via TheWho thewho at
Tue May 19 15:39:37 UTC 2015

Here's the latest intel...

The event is indeed scheduled to start at 7 at the flagship B&N store on Friday, 5/29.

It will be both Pete AND Rachel with an interviewer.  S/he (the interviewer) will hopefully be announced in the next few days.

There is not likely to be any musical performance.

Estimated talk time is 30-45 minutes.

CDs will NOT actually be available at the store (as the release date is 6/9), however, you need to pre-purchase one (from that store) in order to attend.

The day of the event, the first 700 people to arrive who have pre-purchased the CD will be receiving signed inserts.

I'm told that they will then SHIP the CDs, effectively addressing the traveling fan concern.  Hopefully that's true.


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