Downloads of All 50th North American Shows Available at

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Download code still not working, no reply to my email to them asking for help.  Also noticed that the email containing the download code said the code expired the day before they sent it out.  Not a great experience so far...
 Scott H. Keller
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Apparently, they have had some server overload issues.  Others have had 
the same issues.  Contact customer service and they will sent the files 
directly to you.

On 5/6/2015 11:08 PM, Scott Keller via TheWho wrote:
> I got the email saying the FLAC downloads are available, but when I tried it, it errored out.  Wonderful. Scott H. Keller
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> It looks like you can buy them all.
> At first glance, it looked like the very reasonable price of $10/show.  But then, I looked further, and I see that it's $15 for FLAC.  WTF.  Can somebody tell me that it cost them 1.5x to sell this to me?
> Also, it seems out that the bootleggers/peer to peer have them up in a day and it takes two weeks to get it up.
> Still, it's something.
> Lauren

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