Classic Quadrophenia Vinyl Exclusive at B&N

nakedeye10--- via TheWho thewho at
Thu May 7 21:39:37 UTC 2015

Pre-order info is up on for what they are calling Classic Quadrophenia.

There's the regular CD for $15.33

There's the Deluxe Edition CD for $17.09
(I don't know what makes it a Deluxe Edition.)

And B&N will have an exclusive double album vinyl release, listed at $32.48.

I don't know what B&N's deal is with shipping.  But there you have it.

I just went to and searched "Classic Quadrophenia."

If you want to go to Pete and Rachel's appearance on the 29th in NYC, you may want to place your order through the event portal, as I believe a pre-order is required to attend the event.  I haven't really looked too far into that, yet.

Just FYI, unfortunately, the vinyl will not be available in time for the in-store event.  



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