Who References in Rolling Stone Rush Article

nakedeye10--- via TheWho thewho at igtc.com
Sun Aug 30 23:27:19 UTC 2015

Rush was the Rolling Stone cover story back in early July.  I've just recently gotten around to reading it.  I always wish I liked their music more.  They seem so much healthier and more functional an ecosystem than our guys, and I know they are talented.  They just don't "do it" for me.  Go figure.

Discussing teenage Neil Peart:
"His teacher's idea of punishment was to insist that he bang on his desk nonstop for an hour's worth of detention, time he happily spent re-creating Keith Moon's parts from Tommy.  For years, Peart wore a piece of Moon's shattered cymbals around his neck, retrieved from a Toronto stage after a Who concert, and his current drum kit includes a sample trigger bearing the Who's old bullseye logo."

Discussing the band's current practice room:
"On the yellowish-orange wall are striking portraits of Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Prince, and Rush's old tourmates Kiss, along with a reproduction of John Entwistle's cover art for The Who by Numbers."

I seem there may have been something else in there, but I don't see it.


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