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Thanks for reminding me about Simon!
We'll aim for 5:00 pm at Marlow's then.  See you there!
(Lori, I'm on Facebook if you want to connect.)
 Scott H. Keller
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  Marlows Tavern (1950 Satellite Boulevard   Duluth, GA) - I wouldn't walk to the arena from there you'd have to cross a 4 lane road twice during rush hour/concert traffic.  Parking at the arena is free and I've always got a good spot even when showing up late (like in 2006 when I got their just before the show due to holiday traffic, six hours for a normally three hour drive).   I assume most of us will go early to the arena to meet Simon at 7pm.  Last time I got there just before 5pm and was the first of the group to arrive as I did not want to repeat what happened in 2006.  
 On 4/21/2015 11:30 PM, Scott Keller wrote:
        Hi Lori:  "Last time" refers to where they met before the 2012 Who concert, which was at the same venue.  I wasn't able to go to that one. 
  Bruce:  How close was Marlow's Tavern(I've never been there)?  Looks like about half a mile on the map.  If it's raining, walking might not be a good idea.  What time did you get there last time?
  This may be a small meet-up: the three of us and my wife Lisa.  Anyone else?
   Scott H. Keller
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