Downloads of All 50th North American Shows Available at

Martin Bailey via TheWho thewho at
Sun Apr 19 08:12:58 UTC 2015

Lauren pointed us to:


I don’t know if its just because  I’m in the UK, but this link doesn’t work 
for me.  It just redirects me to:
and I can see no sign of tour downloads there.  Does the link still work for 

> But then, I looked further, and I see that it's $15 for FLAC.  WTF.
> Can somebody tell me that it cost them 1.5x to sell this to me?

They will have to go to the trouble to convert, link and test the FLAC 
files, and only a small proportion of downloaders will choose them over MP3. 
Therefore, they’re right to charge more for extra effort / less demand.


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