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From a guy named Mark on one of the FB forums.


I assume someone else has posted the Miami setlist, so here's some notes: 
A much "fiercer" show than Tampa. Someone was blowing pot smoke at Roger - which we all know he's allergic to - and the show was halted while Pete and Roger cursed them out, inviting them to cram it into other orifices they might not like as much. After that, stage banter was scant. A lot less talking than the previous shows. Just business, until Pete completely stopped the "Ivor" portion of "A Quick One" completely to say "I fucking hate this" and then proceed to play even more fiercely. A pissed off Pete = a good Who show.
And then? During "Won't Get Fooled Again", there's that break where just the synthesizer tape rolls for a minute or so, all leading up to Roger's trademark scream, right? Well, tonight, the band stopped and... the tape just wasn't there. The song stopped dead. Pete brought the band back in just jamming in the key of A for another minute or so, and finally showed his frustration with a bunch of windmills in a row to end the jam. Standing ovation, and poof. Band was gone and the lights were up before you knew it. Can't wait to see the third show on Sunday!

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