Miami Soundcheck Report

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Fri Apr 17 22:30:54 UTC 2015

Miami soundcheck report relayed from Diane to Stef to me to you...

Squeeze Box sans Roger.
Again, from the 2nd verse, then a short discussion about not to push during the in and out

Roger shows up

Pete says "if We're going to do Slip Kid, then I want to do this"

Funny animated video to accompany it. I've never seen it.

But then again, I am NO expert. You all must know the video.

Slip Kid is coming up.

Ooo, the audio bits from Sell Out!

Slip Kid

Who Are You

Oh, oh. Something went wrong, arguing about whether or not something went wrong. Pete says Roger started talking and messed up the timing, Roger says no. Then don't have a conversation during the song (Pete)

Pete feels they always start with Can't Explain, which he feels is never quite loud enough. Sounds like a record, and not like a rock band.

Discussion about Rogers round mike for the harmonica. He likes the sound from the reg mike.

I'm One

About 45 minutes

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