Lambert & Stamp - One Day Screenings?

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Thu Apr 2 20:32:57 UTC 2015

It looks like the runs might be a week or more, rather than single day screenings.  However, those dates may or may not be accurate.

See the FB excerpt from Duke and myself below.


Lauren J Hammer Duke - what makes you think they are not single day engagements?
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Duke ModernAction The week apart openings in the US makes me think that there are only so many prints here, and that it will play in each theater for one week. Then the prints get shipped to the next set of cities. If it dosent play for a week Im fucked, as I gotta work all day and nite on the 10th...
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Lauren J Hammer This motivated me to reach out to my local theater. Fortunately, I have a phone number that gets me to a real human. The long story short is that it is NOT a one night screening. However, he said that while they HAVE been screening the trailer, the theater has not been notified of when they'd actually be getting it. He said that they don't actually know until the Monday of THAT WEEK. In his experience, sometimes those dates are accurate, sometimes they are off by as much as three weeks. So, it looks like whether it's that week or another week, you'll have more than a one day target.

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