The Who This Month for April

Brian Cady via TheWho thewho at
Thu Apr 2 11:54:08 UTC 2015

A day late but not a Who dollar short, here's some questions from this month's The Who This Month:
What famous actor "insisted" he portray Pete Townshend?What "watcher" spent his off-time playing Who in a coffee bar?Which rocker paid back the use of The Who's studio with a Who cover?Which sci-fi author did Pete approach to write Lifehouse?What did Keith Moon forget when he arrived for The Who By Numbers sessions?What is "A Normal Day for Brian"? (not me)How did Rod Stewart cause Keith Moon to get married?Which jazz giant inspired "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere"?How many Townshend songs were planned for The Who's first U.S. album? -Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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