Unexpected Who Gifts

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Sat Oct 18 14:50:34 UTC 2014

Like KC receiving the gift of those KOME stickers, I, too, recently received a random Who gift from an unexpected place.

A neighbor of mine knows that I'm a Who fan.  When my daughter came back from meeting with him about a cat sitting gig, she brought back for me the issue of Shindig with The Who on the cover.

Interestingly, it's the same cover shot as the one used by The Who FAQ book.  I don't believe I'd ever seen the photo before.  1967ish, I would guess.  

I'm only part way through my reading, but there's some substantial stuff.  It's well worth picking up.  The Who receive a 10 page spread (text and photos).  All of the articles focus on 1968, which as we know, in retrospect, was a tremendously pivotal year, as they moved from the pop band of the 60s into the Tommy/Leeds band they were soon to become.  The main article by Andy Morten covers a lot of ground.  There's a sidebar on the aborted Who's For Tennis album by Morten.  There's another one by Keith Altham.  And yet another by Chris Welch.

I'm only part way through, but a couple of tidbits have caught my attention.  According to Morten, Rolling Stone voted them Rock & Roll Group of the Year in 1967.  As he says, "Not bad for a band with one US hit to their name."  I don't remember knowing that.

The other thing that struck me was the report that after Pete and Karen's wedding that year (on Joyce's birthday), there was no wedding reception as Pete was, "too engrossed in completing a new British single for The Who."

Oh, and then oddly, they refer to Cy (in the context of Early Morning Cold Taxi) as "Bruce" Langston.  I thought his given name was Dave (David).


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