[Relayers] Roger's Private TCA Show

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Sun Nov 2 19:07:07 UTC 2014

Here's a photo of the setlist.


My head is exploding with the possibility that they did Waiting for a Friend from McVicar.


On Nov 1, 2014, at 10:52 PM, NakedEye10 at aol.com [Relayers] wrote:

> Roger did a private TCA show in West Hollywood, at the Soho Room.
> It was private club and attendance was strictly limited to 250 people.
> He played with a larger than usual band including:
> Simon, Frank, Loren, Billy Nicholls, Jodi Linscott, as bassist, a violinist, and an accordion (squeeze box) player. While Jodi was on percussion, there was no drummer.
> The set list, in no particular order, included:
> Kids
> Squeeze Box 
> Behind Blue Eyes
> Real Good Lookin' Boy
> Johnny Cash
> Gimme a Stone
> Freedom Ride
> Without Your Love (with Billy!)
> a Wilko Song
> There may have been more. This is all I was told about.
> I didn't see anything up on youtube, but there are some articles and some photos if you go looking.
> Lauren

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