Matt Nathanson Loves Pete Townshend

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Tue May 20 18:36:34 UTC 2014

This was sent to me by a local Indigo Girl fan friend, who is a huge fan of Matt Nathanson.  Apparently, Matt posted about Pete on his birthday.

Matt Nathanson posts about Pete.
i’m pretty sure i posted this a few weeks(months?) ago.. but in honor of pete townshend’s birthday today, i am re-posting.

the who, and this man, mean so much to me it’s overwhelming. i’ve loved them, and him, since i was a kid. no one has encompasses rage, rebellion, grace and unhooked talent like him.

picking a favorite who song is impossible. i’ve got dozens. but this version of baba o’riley is so fucking ridiculously glorious that i’ve never been able to watch it without crying.

"i don’t need to fight / to prove i’m right / i don’t need to be forgiven" 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! who hasn’t wanted to scream that from the FUCKING ROOFTOPS?!!

'sally, take my hand/ we'll travel south cross land / put out the fire and don't look past my shoulder/ the exodus is here/ the happy ones are near/ let's get together, before we get much older.' yes, yes, YES!!

happy birthday peter dennis blandford townshend, you are untouchable.

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