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Thu May 1 04:46:54 UTC 2014

I met Melinda at the Simon's Chicago show in 2012 and she came out with Horace, Eddie, and me, to Vintage Trouble's late, late, late night club show, somewhere.  

We're not close, but we've stayed in touch.

Subsequent to the tour, she was diagnosed with cancer.  In her case, serious, serious stuff.

Her sister has set up a donation page.  The link and a brief overview is below.

If you can please make a donation - large, small, whatever you feel you can do.  It all helps.  

And if she doesn't know you, I encourage you to put Who fan, as a part of your name, so that she knows that it's coming from her Who community.


My younger sister, Melinda Hall, was diagnosed with Stage IVb Endometrial Cancer in October 2013 after several tests for what she thought was just a bladder infection. 

A biopsy confirmed malignancy and her surgery at the end of October showed cancer not only in uterus, but also cervix and the left ovary plus several lymph nodes in her abdomen and groin. Because the cancer cells reached the omentum (fatty lining in the abdomen), it was considered metastisis to distant organ and staged at the most advanced it could be.

Her recovery from surgery and chemotherapy went incredibly smooth with no major side effects that knocked her down. A recent PET scan showed that they cannot declare her NED - no evidence of disease. There are 3 spots in her abdomen which showed up-the scariest location being at the base of her liver. These spots could be inflammation or they could be cancer. The doctors are waiting to see whether they shrink or grow in the next 90 days.

When she was told the stage, she was also told that even if chemotherapy wiped everything out this time, cancer would likely return within a couple of years because of the advanced stage.

We are trying to raise money to cover the current medical expenses and build up a fund for future costs as she fights this fight. Please consider giving to Melinda.

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