Vinyl-Boot "Long Live Rock"

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Sat Mar 8 11:19:43 UTC 2014



I'm looking for the date of the  Bootleg "Long Live Rock", Wall Records,


Songs included are Boris The Spider, Dream From the Waist and Join Together
(2 min., as part of the My generation Medley including MG, JT, MGB, MB).


If it's from one show, then it could be:

02.05.1979, 12.05.1979, 16.05.1979, 17.05.1979 or 08.06.1979. The setlist of
these shows are well known.


It could also be 10.11.1979 or 17.11.1979


(all shows from 1979:


Any idea from what show this records is taken?




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