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Fri Jan 24 21:58:25 UTC 2014

Just a string of random thoughts and comments.

Extensive interviews with Chris and Pete.  Lots with Barney.  A good amount with Roger.  Some bits with Heather (Daltrey), (Irish) Jack, and a couple of friends/acquaintances of Kit's.

Pete was looking really good.  It was nice to see him at ease and in a good space.  Kind of the antithesis of the interviews from Max R&B.

There was a good chunk of interview footage with Roger and Pete TOGETHER!  During the Q&A, I asked how that had been managed.  For all of the times that I have seen Pete or Roger, in the last 18 years, I don't think I've ever interacted with them together.  He (James) didn't REALLY answer me, but he did say that it was helped by the fact that Chris was on the premises at the time (although not on camera during the Roger/Pete segments).  That was in 2005.  The bulk of the Pete footage is likely 2006 (he references being 61).  And, there is what looks to me like more recent Pete footage, as well.  This film has been a long time in the making.

It was FASCINATING to see both R & P talk about some of the stuff in front of one another - a rarity, I expect.

There was all sorts of really interesting footage, both on stage and off.  I'd certainly seen some of it over the years, both common and uncommon, but there's was a whole lot I hadn't seen, either.

I was not particularly keen on a lot of the musical bits/soundtrack that JC chose to feature, but I reckon that's just a matter of personal taste.

Very interesting to hear about how Kit and Chris treated Pete and secondarily Keith as the chosen one(s) and how Roger was (IMO) treated poorly.  After it being his band, he was literally living in the back of the van or in the office, while Pete was living in the posh flat at 84 Eton Street with Kit and Chris.  I have tremendous admiration for Roger's ability to suck it up and persevere in service to his greater vision.

Very interesting to hear them talk about Roger being fired.  Very interesting to hear Pete talk about overhearing John and Keith speak disparagingly of him (Pete) during that period, discussing forming Led Zep with Jimmy Page.  They are both wounded there, in their own, different ways.

Very interesting to hear about Keith having a serious depressive breakdown back in the 60s, as well as hearing about Pete's (self-confessed) lack of compassion and Roger's surprising compassion.

I was captivated to see all of the B&W footage of both Kit and Chris.  As I said in advance, I've been deeply curious about both of them.

About 75 min of the 120 min film was spent pre-Tommy.

It was interesting to hear them discuss the Tommy film and contributions to the development of Tommy.  They skirted over it a bit more than I would have liked, but they did address it.  They never did address the Lifehouse/Tommy film debacle.

It was interesting to hear them speak of the LIfehouse recording in NYC.

It was interesting to learn of Kit's deep love for Venice.

It was all a great reminder of how unfathomable it is to me just how dangerous it was to be "homosexual" in that time.  (The 60s, really, much more than the 70s.)

They did address the breakup/lawsuit.  Interestingly, Keith would never ever agree to sign off.  Roger and John were the ones who had signed the legal complaint.  Pete eventually came around.  But Keith was loyal to Kit and Chris all the way down the line, serving as their strongest defense in the suit.

The other thing I asked was if Chris got to see a cut of the film before he died.  Sadly, he did not, but his wife and daughter were there at the screening, just a few rows behind me.

I was disappointed by the quality of a lot of the video.  

But all in all, it was an incredibly fascinating film to me.  I had a great time seeing it with Russ.  I pretty much had to drag him, but he ended up loving it.  

It got a very good response from the crowd.  I think it will be well received and enjoyed by anyone with any interest in that era and/or rock music.

It would be WAY MORE FUN to see in a Who crowd.  It would definitely be the perfect Whola event.  I wish you had ALL been there with me, but I was especially missing Max and John H.

And finally, a little thing, that makes a huge difference in the experience - at the theater, they had the volume cranked up LOUD.  

I hope you've enjoyed the read.  It took half to write it up that watching the film did!

(Who's back home and about to go pick up kids at school.)

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